Serena Juicy's Testimonials:

Serena is an inspiration. Three months ago I took my first hoop class with her and since then I've been getting private lessons from her. In both classes and private lessons she creates a fun space to get excited about hooping and most importantly, she is an incredible teacher. She has an amazing way of explaining each move by breaking it down into steps and describing how its done, how it will feel, how it will look.
Thank you Serena for your love of the hoop, your energy, and for sharing your passion. I'm so glad you exist ;)
-Deana May

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Juicy at Harmony Festival, June 2010

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Juicy's Bio:

Serena aka 'Juicy' is a passionate hooper/teacher, performance artist, a lover of life and an inspirational speaker, who has been teaching hoop dance classes for over 7 years. Her Path in this life is to inspire people to enjoy life, stir up creative juices and have fun! Her classes and workshops focus on self-love, taking care of your temple, celebrating your health and existence, and the knowing that you already have everything you need to feel good!

The hoop is simply a tool to help us get in touch with ourselves, connect to our beloved and intuition to lead happier healthier lives. When we hoop we spiral inward, and there Is great healing to be found when we vibrationally align with our true essence. Hooping helps us to connect to our inner child, that care free state where anything is possible!

Serena can teach anyone to hoop! She has a way of breaking down hoop moves that is easy to understand. Her classes invite playfulness, laughter and bliss as you lose yourself in the hoop magic and flow. She teaches from the heart, and you can feel her love and dedication in her presence.

Come join the hoop revolution, tap into your inner yum, and shine your hoop love out into the world around us, into our community, to our children and to our dear mother earth. Together we can make a difference!

Juicy Hoop Workshop at Lightning in a Bottle, Irvine, CA, May 2010

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