Serena Juicy's Testimonials:

I attend Juicy Hoop classes to relax and center myself and to acquire Jedi-ninja hoop skills so that I may join the circus should my day job ever fall through. Juicy's classes are highly informative and dynamic, each class series brings a new focus so that over time you acquire a wide range of technique and skill. Serena is a natural teacher, her classes are both fun and challenging. With three levels of courses, you are sure to find the appropriate class for your skill level. I highly recommend Serena as your source for hoops, hoop instruction and good vibes.
-Trevor Levin

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Here at Juicy Hoops, we want to show you the many benefits of bringing hoop dance into your life. One of the main reasons a lot of people come to us is for exercise. They are tired of going to the gym, or are simply looking for something different, fun and unique. Hoop dance is a tremendous work out for the entire body, since we hoop not only on the waist, but also on the arms, legs, chest, feet and hands. Our entire core is worked, and yes, you will break a sweat! We have bigger heavier hoops for those looking for a good calorie burn.

Though our students often come in simply with this idea of losing weight, they leave with so much more than they could have possibly imagined. Yes, you will be getting in shape, but our philosophy is actually very different. Our focus instead, is to love your self, exactly the way you are, without needing change. No matter what shape or size you are. Celebrate and cherish your temple, nourish it with warm thoughts. Discover all the yumminess you have inside and pull it out of you! Here at Juicy Hoops, we will show you how to tap into your inner yum! You will feel sexy, enjoy yourself, laugh, smile, make friends, build community, as well as learn fun new ways to move your body with the hoop.

Our Hoop Dance classes evoke creativity and individuality, as you will bring your own form of movement into your hoop dance practice. No two people move the same way. We can teach 10 people the same moves, and each student will find thier own unique flair. We will teach you all about rythym: how to move to the beat, get into your groove and shake your booty! We play all sorts of fun upbeat music, and encourage you to let loose! You will learn a ton of fantastic hoop moves, and with patience and dedication, you will find that sweet spot where the magic starts to flow. You will soon discover why hoop dance is so infectious and contageous!

I invite you to join us! Stir up that inner yumminess, find your flow and grace, nourish and love your body, and get juicy!


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