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When I first started taking classes with Serena I could keep a hoop going around my waist, but that was about it. Her classes have been a great learning, centering, and community expanding experience for me. As a teacher, Serena offers up a positive 'you can do this attitude' even when a move turns out to be incredibly frustrating to learn.  She has a great way of figuring out and explaining the random technical details of moves which at first glance appear beyond one's abilities. This usually means that even when a move is too tough to figure out during class you leave with a thorough understanding of what it will take to get a full grasp on it. I love that she is not afraid to teach things she hasn't fully gotten down herself. This openness of spirit is a reminder that everyone is learning and sharing in the journey. Her generosity of spirit is both inspiring and heart-filling. Taking classes with Serena has given me a broader range of skills, more confidence in my ability and a deeper connection to my hooping practice and the community.
-Christy Taylor

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Juicy at Earth Dance Festival
Latonville, CA, Sept 2010
Photo by Jeremy Pearl

Serena of "Juicy Hoops" is back in action!!! Offering weekly Hoop Dance classes on Monday nights at the Shakti House!

Shakti House
1401 SE Morrison St, Portland Oregon

Beginner/All-Level Hoop Dance classes with Serena of "Juicy Hoops"

Every Monday night

$17 - 1 single class
$65 - 5 class card ($13 each class)
$120 - 10 class card ($12 each class)
$220 - 20 class card ($11 each class)

Class is limited to 11 hoopers. PLEASE pre-register to Attend!!

Come experience the wonderful world of hooping as we spiral into our juicy selves! The hoop is simply a tool to help us go inside and listen to our inner child, that care free state where anything is possible! You will learn a ton of fantastic hoop moves, and with patience and dedication, you will find that sweet spot where the magic starts to flow. You will soon discover why hoop dance is so infectious and contagious!

Serena can teach anyone to hoop! She has a way of breaking down hoop moves that is easy to understand. Her classes invite playfulness, laughter and bliss as you lose yourself in the hoop! Not only is it tremendously fun, its also an incredible workout! Come sweat, dance and move and groove with us! Practice hoops are provided. No Experience necessary, just bring yourself and an open heart! Professional quality hoops are available for purchase at the Shakti House if you choose to take one home with you!

I love my hoop family soooo much! Please come play! thank you for your continued love and support!!

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Happy Hooping!

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