Hoop Clothes:

Serena of Juicy Hoops is going into clothing line/accessories production this fall! All kinds of cozy yet sexy gear will be manifested!- Bustle skirts, pants, tops, leggings, arm and wrist warmers and so much more, made of organic bamboo/natural materials and lace!! Its all about feeling good as you look good! At Hoop Camp 2012 she will be featuring her fuzzy hair clips! Tap into your inner yum with these hot new hair bling items made of bamboo fleece, lace, yarn, wool, feathers, and gem stones! Clothing line name and website to be announced soon ;) stay tuned!!!!

I am also selling "Automatic Love Jumpsuits", like the one Juicy is wearing! Plus other fun hoop clothes! This shop is still being built, please email me to inquire about jumpsuit sizes and colors available!

Please contact me if you would like to feature your hoop clothes on my site!


To view all of Serenas graphic art, animations and illustrations, please visit her www.Doodlbug.com website!