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Serena Juicy's Hoops:
This girl makes some serious kick ass hoops! No lie. Whenever I look at my hoop pile the Juicy hoops are the ones I reach for first. Get yourself one, you won't be disappointed.
-Christy taylor

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Juicy Hoop Shop at Oracle Gathering, July 2009


Yay! So many Flavors! These hoops sure are juicy! Below are just a couple samples of some of the hoops I've already made. You can choose one of these color patterns, or custom pick your own colors!
There are soo many fun color combinations...
What flavor are you?

This Shop is still being built. Soon there will be "PayPal" buttons and a cart for your shopping pleasure. For now, please email your hoop order.

Hoop Prices:

My hoop prices are based on how much tape you choose!

Adult hoops: (3/4 inch tubing)
3 color hoop = $30
4 color hoop = $35
5 color hoop = $40
6 color hoop = $45
7 color hoop = $50

Kid hoops: (1/2 inch tubing)
3 color small hoop = $15
3 color medium hoop = $20
3 color large hoop = $25
(please add an additional $5 if you add more tape colors)

Twin hoops: (3/4 inch tubing)
3 color pair = $60
4 color pair = $70
5 color pair = $80
6 color pair = $90
7 color pair = $100

Twin hoops: (1/2 inch tubing)
3 color small pair (micro twins) = $30
3 color medium pair = $40
3 color large pair = $50
(please add an additional $5 if you add more tape colors)

If you would like to make any hoop "collapsible", please add $15 to your price. Collapsible hoops twist and fold down, no detaching parts! Simply twist down and off you go on your flight or bus or bike! They are super awsome!! Click here for instructions on how to open and close your collapsible hoop!

First pic your colors: Hoop tape choices
Then Choose your Size/Weight,
and then email me your order! Serena(at)JuicyHoops(dot)com


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To view all of Serenas graphic art, animations and illustrations, please visit her website!