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I had been seriously wanting to learn hooping ever since I saw a group of hoopers doing their thing at a concert.  I've been in the dance community for over twenty years, and knew that to dance with a hoop would definitely be fun.  Serena is a natural teacher, who can look at what you're doing and point out a simple adjustment to improve your performance.  Serena makes it all look easy, and after practicing (and I DO MEAN PRACTICE...before TV kiddies!), my performance is getting there.  I love the improved coordination that comes with hooping, and hope you all take the plunge and start moving those hips.
-Jeff Cohen

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Juicy fire performing with the amazing SPARK! Circus!
Thailand, Jan 2011

Private lessons with Serena of Juicy Hoops in Portland Oregon at the Shakti House!

If my class times don't work out with your schedule, or if you are simply wanting a more private scenario, then sign up for a private lesson! Private lessons are offered at:

Shakti House
1401 SE Morrison st. Portland, Oregon


Private lessons - available in Portland Oregon!
One on one lessons are extremely beneficial. You will have all of my attention, and can learn A LOT more in 1 session. (Typically 2 private lessons are equal to a 4-week class series.)

$60/ 1 hour private lesson
bring a friend and save money! $55 per person
bring 2 friends and save even more! $50 per person
Certified Hoop Dance Instructor
Practice hoops provided
To sign up: contact Juicy!


I look forward to meeting all of you!

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